Keep your Repls alive!

One of the most highly requested features of Replit is to make your Repls never fall asleep.

This can be the case of a

Or anything else.

Method 1: Cycles

Using your Cycles, you can buy Always-On Repls. They currently cost 2 cycles a day however this may change.

Method 2: Upgrade your plan

Hacker plan and other education plans most likely have 5 (or more) Always-On Repls included. Hacker plan is currently around $7/month and provides 5 Always-On Repls.

Method 3: Free?

Using uptimers and a webserver you can have your Repls have a mini version of Always-On, but only if you do it correctly and your program never crashes.

A common method is to use Uptime Robot, but they have since sadly banned Repls.

Currently, what you'll need to do is make a web server.

For node.js Repls

For Python Repls

Then, you should see a new website window above your console. That means you've done it correctly!

Now, you need an uptimer. Uptimers continually ping your Repl's webserver to keep them alive. is one of the most popular uptimers, hosting 1000+ Repls.

You can either run curl "${REPL_SLUG}&author=${REPL_OWNER}" in the Shell on your Repl

Or you can visit and submit your link (in the new website window)

Other uptimers is very similar to, and is also quite popular. You can find a list of these sites here.

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